Starting price of £ 6,300.00
55″ Wall-paper Bezel size: 1.2

OLED Signage – the trending digital display is here…

Yes LG’s OLED  tv Technology can now be found here…in LG’s NEW State-of-the-Art OLED Signage range. At the top of their game, and the cutting edge of the digital signage market, LG have introduced this exciting range of just four OLED Screens.
Now applied to commercial displays a NEW dimension of large commercial screen displays has arrived. These slim bright, colour enhanced displays are available in curved tiling, arched and flat configurations, with the ability to swap and mirror content on either side of the screen. The displays provide perfect blacks and intense colours.
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  • Brightness : 400 cd/m2 (APL 25%)
  • Bezel: 1.2 mm (Off bezel)
  • Slim and light, the LG OLED Signage display is unbelievably lightweight and thin. Ultra thin wall paper depth of 3.65 mm (Module).
  • Interface: HDMI, DP, RS232C, RJ45, IR In, USB 3.0, USB 2.0
  • Stunning Color and Contrast with Accurate & stable color reproduction
  • Self-lighting pixels bring colors to life with superb accuracy.

Intense colour
Self-lighting pixels bring colours to life with superb accuracy. Like no other.

Deepest Blacks
Self-lighting pixels switch off completely to reproduce black. No light bleed. Absolute black offers infinite contrast.

Crisp, Clear Motion
LG OLED provides 5,000 times faster motion picture response time, for perfectly clear images without blurring.



Pencil Thin Design
With just two layers the LG OLED Display is unbelievably lightweight and thin.

Wall paper
Available as curved options and with Bezels as narrow as 1.2mm

Wide Viewing Angle
LG OLED delivers awe-inspiring picture quality across the entire screen, even from wide viewing angles.



OLED Signage – Commercial Screens Solutions

65″ Curved Duel-View (double sided) Tiling Available :1×2, 1×3, 1×4   4K 3840×2160
55″ Flat Duel View Full HD 1920×1080
55″ Fixed Curved Wallpaper Single View. Full HD 1920×1080
55″ Wallpaper Single View. Full HD 1920×1080

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