Astrosat UK Video Wall – 2×4

Astrosat UK Video Wall – 2×4

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Project Description

Video wall 2×4 55″ Video Wall Screens

The Client: Astrosat Edinburgh

Astrosat specialise in space services and management, with a current focus on Managed Earth Observation Services and solutions for disaster mitigation and resilience at government level.


The client wanted to install a control room video wall as part of its conversion of a church into a technology centre for their operations in Edinburgh. Astrosat knew exactly what they wanted to achieve but were not familiar with how their ideas would work and what hardware and software were required.

Windsor won this contract based on its ability to deliver a practical and workable solution that fully met all of Astrosat’s needs, including working closely with the client’s refurbishment team so the video wall would be integrated smoothly and seamlessly into the fabric of the building.

A few months after this project was completed, Windsor was contacted directly by the CEO of Astrosat to ask the Company to provide the same digital solutions on a much larger scale for their new client – the Vietnamese Government. 

Within three months, Windsor supplied all the hardware, technology and support required to install a large control room video wall in a purpose-built facility in Hanoi. This system is currently being used as an early warning system against life-threatening extreme weather for Vietnam. 

A  state of the art video wall with ultra-thin bezels, creating a stunning seam-free viewing screen from the various Data feeds.

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