Astrosat UK Video Wall – 2×4

Astrosat UK Video Wall – 2×4

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Project Description

Video wall 2×4 55″ Video Wall Screens

The Client: Astrosat Edinburgh

Astrosat specialise in space services and management, with a current focus on Managed Earth Observation Services and solutions for disaster mitigation and resilience at government level.

Astrosat used Windsors Video Wall Expertise to provide a solution to display Earth observations and weather mapping a perfect visual solution for displaying the communication and satellite feeds was obviously a video wall. With full HD screens, working in sets of 4 to display a feed this offered a stunning Digital Video Wall System.

Astrosat, based in Edinburgh, Scotland, collaborates with major European and other international space bodies. It uses earth observation data from around the world and varied satellite communications systems to create solutions to both existing and future problems, with the capacity to protect and save lives on a global scale.

A  state of the art video wall with ultra-thin bezels, creating a stunning seam-free viewing screen from the various Data feeds.

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