Coventry City Council – Control Room Video Wall

Coventry City Council – Control Room Video Wall

Project Description

Video wall 4×2 55″ Video Wall Screens – Video wall 4×2 55″ Video Wall Screens – This installation replaced an existing Traffic Management Centre multi-screen solution. Windsor was responsible for de-commissioning the existing out of date legacy system which was not fully functional.

The new installation is a state of the art video wall with ultra-thin bezels, creating a virtual seam-free visual effect from existing live CCTV cameras feeds directly to the screens.
Further flexibility and future-proofing was also introduced with the addition of a video wall processor. This processor will allow for additional multiple inputs and programming of profiles which means the video wall can also be used to show a mix of content in different formats instead of solely the CCTV live feeds. The whole system gives the office a large view of Coventry’s traffic flow management. This new system has a far smaller footprint and mounted onto a freestanding Video wall mounting system.
Windsor installed and commissioned the 8 screen video wall in January 2017.

Portfolio Details
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    Coventry City Council

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