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The Hurlingham Club takes on DIGITAL SIGNAGE…Digital Signage
The Hurlingham Club’s Sports Executive Jenny Mitchell has always sought to keeping members informed about the Club’s activities at all times. Mitchell explains, “The Club’s main reception, fitness centre and tennis area have landscape digital signage screens. We also have two freestanding portrait screens, which can be placed wherever they are needed. This provides us with is a great opportunity to show our members that we care about them and want them fully informed on all our events and offers. In order to do this we needed a reliable system that could be updated and tailored for when we have specific events.”

With this goal in mind Mitchell talked to the Club’s savvy IT manager, David Appleton, who then contacted Windsor Displays to discuss all available options.

The displays at the Club were a bit too old and the best solution was to replace some of them. “We provided the Club with three new screens, five signagelive licences and training,” explains Abri.

The Hurlingham Club creates its basic content in house. Members and visitors can be certain they will get the latest news, weather and information about events as soon as they step in to the Club. Another important function of the digital signage screen is to make sure members know who is on duty in the different areas of the Club, such as the gym or the spa.

Matea Vlaskalic, who is in charge of the digital screens day to day content explains: “ I normally update the playlists which are already set up by either deleting content which is out-of-date or uploading new assets. The screens contain different information depending on which part of the club they are in. For example, in the tennis office there is information about the opening hours, dress regulations, pictures of staff members and coaches as well as current events and competitions taking place. There are also two news feeds, one with tennis news and another with BBC weather. It is easy to do with signagelive.”

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