iSmash Digital Signage

iSmash Digital Signage

Project Description

iSmash – the high street high tech brand specialising in the express repair of smartphones tablets and computers.

With 13 high street stores across London and the South, iSmash were looking for a digital solution to replace static window posters. Initially they trialled our Android USB updatable slimline digital displays. Once they were happy with the way the units worked, they then decided to look at the possibility of upgrading to a CRM cloud based updatable system. This was easily implemented with the addition of cloud media players for the installed USB versions. Subsequently the following screens ordered were our networkable, cloud based units. These have no requirement for the external extra Media player.

iSmash now run and control all their android digital posters remotely from head office and as such are able to update each screen at the touch of a button. Their digital signage solution continues to be rolled out across their stores.


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