Quest Exhibits, SK2 brand

Quest Exhibits, SK2 brand

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Project Description

Quest Exhibits approached Windsor Displays seeking a bespoke digital solution.
Their client SK2 beauty brand, wanted a digital solution to create an impact at the Cannes Film festival Duty Free exhibition. They had an under 2 minute video as their only content and wanted this to be played across a width of 6 meters with a height of 2.5m. Their creative vision was for their video to be played across a curved curtain of small individual digital signage screens. So the content was duplicated across each screen.

It was settled that a 10” digital signage screen was the perfect size to achieve the curved effect they were looking for.. However in order to create this smooth curve of digital screens sitting just off a curved wall, mounting these to the wall using Vesa mounts was not going to work, we had to hang them from a series of suspended cables.

It was decided to cover the area wanted, we would need to have 12 drops of 8 screens per drop. Each of which would need to be powered in a wireless fashion.

Windsor designed the bespoke digital solution, specified, supplied built, commissioned & installed this ‘one off’ Suspended Digital Video wall curtain.

Using 96 x 10” Philips digital signage screens, each powered through the suspended cables, with preloaded content which connected via a wifi system to ensure a timed start and smooth running of content playing simultainiousley across all 96 screens.

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