Powerpoint Digital Signage

[h3]Digital Signage – using Powerpoint  [/h3]

[callout][callout-content layout=”span8″][h4]Use a programme – Powerpoint you know, and create clever, eye-catching, dynamic digital presentations and play them across your digital signage screens.[/h4][p]With Powerpoint Digital Signage NOW you can show live RSS feeds in your powerpoint presentations and display live data, fed to the presentations via a linked database. Display ticker-tape messages, live appointment info. Create dynamic PowerPoint presentations. Change the data in your database, not your presentations!
Generate snapshot presentations with the latest information; ideal for product catalogues, statistics and reporting. Regenerate a presentation with one click only. Connect your presentation to an external data source like a database, XML file, RSS feed and many more. Link your text box, table, chart, tachymeter or gauge to this data source to display real time information. Display the latest information in your presentation. Use data scrolling feature when you more data to fit on one page. Create snapshot presentations with disconnected data sources.

Digital signage perfect for hospitals, waiting areas, receptions, offices, retail, information points & exhibitions, hotels, sales rooms and much more. Screens available in a full range of sizes. Speak to Windsor Displays today what ever your digital advertising needs, Windsor will Spec, supply and install digital advertising to meet environment and location needs as well as content and use requirements.  [/p][/callout-content][/callout]


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