Rear Projection Screens

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Rear Projection Screens

Rear projection screens are perfect for large format digital displays. Widely used by those in the creative industries for their clients.
The Rear Projection film, which is a self adhesive optical engineered film, is high contrast, we stock it in rolls so it can easily be cut to size to fit any screen size required. Mounted to either glass or acrylic.

This revolutionary Rear Projection Film can display bright, high contrast and vibrant digital images and video and can be applied either to glass or acrylic. By cutting the film into shapes and creating masked content. Turn your window display into a real eye-catching attention grabber.

This is why the creative industries love it! Gazelli Arthouse in London regularly use our film whenever they have a suitable window project and the global agency, Publicis employed us to project manage the supply and installation of interactive rear projection window displays, using Kinect for gesture control, for the public launch of 4G in EE’s flagship stores across the UK. Many other creative agencies have also used our rear projection films, products, including TBWA.

Windsor pride our selves in ensuring before we spec your projector, we know your rear projection project, it’s location and environment, with our experience and expert knowledge will ensure we specify the right projector for your projects needs. We have access to all of the major manufacturer’s projectors and a PROSCENE partner for Optoma.


Some examples of our Rear Projection Projects.


Rear Projection Film – used in large format area, covering a space of 44sq m Supply of Projection Film Windsor Displays. WELLCOME TRUST LONDON.

Rear Projection Film – EE via Agency Publicis. Windsor supplied and installed, into 10 of the newly launched 4G ee UK stores, Projection Window Film, and Projectors.

Rear Projection Film – Window Video Art Installation 4m Supply of Projection Film and Installation Windsor Displays. Gazelli Art House.

Rear Projection Film – Projection Film in Window Display, Spec, Projector, Supply of Projection Film and Installation Windsor Displays. Rush Hair Salons London.

Rear Projection Film – Projection Film in Window Display, Supply of Projection Film and Installation Windsor Displays. British Bathroom Centre.

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