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[h3]Touch Screens Solutions [/h3]

[callout][callout-content layout=”span7″][h4]Today, interaction is key. Most of us use touch screen technology every day, it’s what we have come to expect. With our great range of Touch and Multi Touch Screens you can turn your content into exciting interactive displays [/h4][p]With sizes ranging from 17″ to 82″, in both landscape and portrait, wall mounted, free standing units and kiosks, whatever your application we can find the right solution for you. Multi-Touch Screen Displays run off any Windows based PC. Simply connect to the PC via VGA or HDMI and USB. The screen will then become your computer screen and the touch capability facilitates the use of the mouse. Now you can navigate your desktop, a website or software application with your fingertips.

There are several different types of touch screen technology, each technology has it’s pros and cons. So when specifying a touch screen, Windsor ensure we select the right touch technology to suit your environment, touch needs and use. Speak to us TODAY 0845 4503 407 to find out about touch screen options. [/p][/callout-content][/callout]

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