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7 key reasons why Televisions may not be suitable for commercial use

Many people would be forgiven for thinking a TV will be just as good as a commercial screen in their retail shop, after all they’re cheaper and you can simply pop down to your local store and take one home – Right?

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as that.

Televisions are designed for viewing TV, you unbox them plug them in and because they tend to be “smart”, you can start streaming programmes. You can attach DVD players and Sky boxes etc and they are designed with an average viewing time of around 4 hours per day (Source BARB) and as a result, TVs are not designed to operate at the same levels as commercial screens.

Here are 7 key reasons why you should invest on a commercial:

1. Commercial screens are designed to operate 24/7 even when displaying fairly static information. TVs are not

2. Warranty – Commercial screens 3 years. TV, usually 1year

3. Warranty often voided if you use a TV for commercial use

4. Brightness – Commercial screens tend to start at 450nits or cd/m2 to around 3,500 – 4000nits. TVs on the other hand don’t have this range of brightness and will look dull or not work at all compared with a commercial screen. If you want to mount a screen in portrait orientation, TVs are not designed for this

5. Commercial screens tend to maintain the same cosmetic look for far longer periods than which tend to be redesigned almost on a yearly basis to follow fashion trends. This can be an issue if you need consistency within your business

6. Commercial screens have the ability to be controlled remotely, many contain built-in scheduling sophisticated media players and a diverse range of input, i.e HDMI, DVI, Display Port designed so that you can attach a wide range of input sources

The above is not an exhaustive list as there many more reasons, but it illustrates why you should think carefully before following the TV route for your commercial application.


Buying a TV may save you money at the beginning, but in the long run cost you more. We have had a number of customers who failed to take our advice only for them to come back some months later and buy commercial screens because their TVs failed in their shop window or workspace.

If in fact all you need is a meeting room screen for occasional use, then perhaps a commercial screen may be overkill and either a TV or a commercial TV may be more suitable and on this point we come to the final piece of advice.

We recommend speaking to an A/V (audio visual) specialist or do a search on digital signage to get advice. At Windsor we have accumulated many years of experience in this field and have dealt with many different applications because every installation is different. By contacting a specialist company, you will receive the very best advice which will ultimately enable you to make the right decision for your organisation.

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