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Digital Signage for Retail

When it comes to digital signage for retail, the possibilities are growing year on year, with ai and CMS software becoming more integral to delivering audience specific targeted content to digital signage displays. 

Digital signage is constantly transforming retail shopfronts coupled with in-store displays turning heads and drawing footfall into store spaces. Find out which digital displays would work best in your retail environment.

Retail Screens

Digital Signage for retail - main areas of usage: 

POS (point of sale) 

These tend to be small screens often either at a till location or focused within a product specific POS Stand, playing a demonstration video.  

Shelf edge displays


With a great range of shelf edge digital pricing labels, you can now update your shelf pricing by simply updating your database. 

Large in-store screens

Located behind the till is a favourite, for maximum visibility, or large screens next to an escalator is another prime instore spot. For large screens, LED is now the most commonly used but for a smaller 65” - 98” then LCD still holds a place. 

Lift and learn interactive

Interactive sales tools engage and excite customers, creating an in-store experience playing specific video content when products are lifted.

Window Displays

High bright, a range of sizes and mounting options, as well as LED for larger choices.  

High bright is the way forward. To attract your street traffic day and night you need high brightness display screens to be seen. 

With a great range of brightness levels and screen sizes, coupled with our expert mounting knowledge we can provide the ideal window display for your window space. 


Brand awareness creative displays 

Pop up, brand awareness and brand marketing is where we see the most creative digital displays, with LED today the creative possibilities are there, with specially coated LED, you can create a counter front using LED, LED can create a full covered corner as well as curved shapes and with flexible LED this allows for some truly bespoke options.


Transparent LED is fast becoming an extra addition to the high street, allowing the eye to see a digital display content, but also being able to see past the display and into the store. 

Aisle end stretch displays 

The perfect finish to a retail aisle, at this key retail location digital signage can attract extra attention and draw customers into special sale items at the aisle ends. 

Touch screen website ordering/collection screens 

Large brands use these to allow customers to access the brand website to refer back to their browsing or to login and order or collect an online order. 

Touch screen ordering and payment systems 

These have become common place within the fast food market, and now make up most orders placed within the likes of MacDonalds. 

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Lift & Learn

Browsing rises to a new level when shoppers have the experience of lifting a product and a video plays with item specific imagery and information

Cloud Software

Managing multiple digital display screens, multiple sites and multiple campaigns is easy when you use intuitive cloud-based software

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