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Digital Signage Products for Leisure and Entertainment

Capturing audience attention is vital to public engagement and a huge range of screens from outdoor and indoor or even interactive screens can transform a space from 'usual' to experiential.

From Clubs and Sports bars, to Gyms and Sporting and Music venues, todays commercial digital screens can offer a viewing experience like no other. 


Digital Signage can not only inform and educate your audience, but form part of the overall experience by creating atmosphere of excitement and fun.

Ideal digital Signage products for: clubs, sports bars, Gyms, cinemas, casinos, theme parks and experience events

Screens for Leisure

Large Screens for the Leisure Industry


Video walls for the big picture

Gyms, Casinos, Cinemas, Zoos, Theme parks and Stadiums are just some of the leisure locations that enjoy the digital benefits from large Digital Signage Solutions such as Video walls and large LED screens.


Engaging your audience with powerful creative content which you can change across your business locations at the click of a button.

No need to print and swap out banners or posters - with digital screens you update content remotely.

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Large LED Displays

Vibrance & Durability

Create real Impact, LED Displays are bigger and brighter with much richer colours. Offering an uninterrupted Direct Lit LED light with a seamless reflection free surface that really pops.​

LED wall displays are inherently brighter units and provide a great range of outdoor large screen solutions. Made up of smaller individual modules/led panels, these fix together to create a seamless large screen display.


LED is more durable and robust, offering a longer lifespan and a more energy efficient large Digital Screen Solution. 

Wayfinding Android Screens

Freestanding displays are ideal wayfinding tools, when placed in lobbies, hallways, bars and restaurants, opt for touch screen version to deliver a more in-depth wayfinding and info point solution. Wayfinding Digital Signage is a great way to inform and assist your viewer, as well as advertise not only about the venue but also about the local area.

Digital Posters

From wall mounted to freestanding digital advertising posters, are perfect for entertainment based venues. Digital Signage can be used as an effective advertising tool, to promote services, offers and events digitally to your audience and visitors.

Opt for CMS (content management systems) for remote content updates to truly streamline your digital marketing communications across your sites and venues.


Connect social media campaigns to your digital signage

Displaying social media feeds on your Digital Signage is a dynamic way to re-connect with your audience. Making the most out of your marketing efforts and really engage with your customers.

Create a digital atmosphere

Digital screens playing video content can create an atmosphere of excitement and fun, the tone of your content and create any atmosphere you require.






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Lift & Learn

Browsing rises to a new level when shoppers have the experience of lifting a product and a video plays with item specific imagery and information

Cloud Software

Managing multiple digital display screens, multiple sites and multiple campaigns is easy when you use intuitive cloud-based software

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