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Digital Signage Displays

Digital signage covers a broad range of products including the digital display screen - whatever its size and technology as well as extra hardware and software to run and play content.


Here at Windsor we offer a full range of digital signage solutions, from small simple to use USB screens to large LED video wall projects or multi store digital signage installations.

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Digital Menu

Digital Menu Board Application Image (3).jpg

Window Displays

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Outdoor Signage


Touch Screens

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Window Displays

High bright is the way forward. To attract your street traffic day and night you need high brightness display screens to be seen. With a great range of brightness levels and screen sizes, coupled with our expert mounting knowledge we can provide the ideal window display for your window space.

Digital Menu Screens

Digital menu screens are becoming the norm, replacing static lightboxes, with digital menus you can create and update real time content to engage your customer. Opt for cloud based content management for nationwide multi store and screen installations to give you flexibility or consistency of message

Digital Menu Board Application Image (3).jpg

Freestanding Displays

Perfect for wayfinding displays and general digital signage, freestanding units can be versatile digital displays. Available in a choice of screen sizes and colours, in both LCD and LED technologies for large freestanding solutions.

Touch Screens

Using simplified website pages, touch screen can make browsing super-easy and create an immersive almost compulsive browsing/buying experience like fast food chains are switching to.

Touch screens are available in both wall mounted and freestanding units. Commercial touch screens offer 24/7 stable screen quality and some offer built in HD media players requiring no additional hardware. Choose from a range of CMS Software, for remote cloud-based content management.

PCAP Touch Screen Kiosk Application Image (19).jpg

Outdoor Displays

Wall mounted or Freestanding we can offer the full service outdoor installation for all your outdoor digital signage requirements. With IP 65 and 67 rating.

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