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Creating Hype around street style



Product Interest:

LED 2.5 Pixel Pitch

The Ultimate Modern Large Window display LED...Shine bright all day... The high street brand Hype, required their window displays to be as bold as their products, to shout loud and bright.

With the move into a prime retail location in Carnaby Street, London, Just Hype wanted to ‘fill the window’ to state their position as the only worldwide official; street style fashion brand of clothing, bags and accessories for men, women and kids.

Founded by 2 employees of a T-shirt printing company who had £600 worth of savings, the firm now employs over 200 staff across 4 sites and 2000 points of sale around the world.

The 3-meter-wide LED screen and the 2 internal video walls in this flagship store create attention and footfall from passers-by.

LED screens are front lit, created from low energy high brightness diodes which create a clean vision of uninterrupted LED light. With no LCD glass or front facia, you see none of the reflection you often see with LCD screens. Making LED the perfect large window display for sun-facing store windows like this one.

The Hype demographic is 50/50 kids/adults and we had a smile when we witnessed a mother of two young girls being beckoned into the Carnaby Street store after her girls noticed the video in the window.

Thanks to a content management system (CMS) all the video content is controlled from Hype’s head office in Leicester and can be updated or changed in real time to keep every store the same or for individual store messaging.

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