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Freestanding Digital Signage

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Freestanding Digital Signage

With a great range of, off the shelf touch screen freestanding units to custom built kiosks, with over 20 interchangeable options for hardware and software. All in range of sizes, fully brandable, modern design will compliment any space & application.

Perfect for wayfinding displays and general digital signage, freestanding units can be versatile digital displays and are ideal in a range of uses including in restaurants, shopping malls, showrooms, exhibitions, cinemas and more. The touchscreen technology makes the freestanding screens more interactive providing more functionality to the end user. Available in a choice of screen sizes and colours, in both LCD and LED technologies, including video wall options for large freestanding solutions.

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  • What is a digital signage display?
    A digital signage display is a visual communication tool that utilises digital screens to present dynamic content, such as images, videos, and text, to convey information or advertisements. These displays are commonly found in public spaces, retail stores, restaurants, and other commercial establishments.
  • What is needed for digital signage?
    To set up a digital signage system, you will need a few key components. Firstly, you will require a digital display, which can be a television screen, monitor, or video wall, depending on your needs. Secondly, you will need a media player or a digital signage player, which is a device that connects to the display and delivers the content. Additionally, you will need content management software to create, schedule, and manage the content on your digital signage display. Lastly, you will need an internet connection to connect the components and remotely manage the content.
  • What are the benefits of digital signage?
    Digital signage offers numerous benefits for businesses and organisations. Firstly, it allows for dynamic and engaging content delivery, capturing the attention of viewers and increasing the effectiveness of communication and advertising efforts. Secondly, it provides flexibility and ease of content management, allowing real-time updates, scheduling, and targeted messaging. Digital signage also offers cost savings by eliminating the need for printed materials and minimising maintenance costs. Additionally, it enhances the overall customer experience, provides opportunities for interactivity, and can generate additional revenue through advertising partnerships.
  • How do digital signage systems work?
    Digital signage systems work by combining hardware, software, and connectivity to deliver content to digital displays. The process involves creating or sourcing the desired content, which can include images, videos, text, or interactive elements. The content is then uploaded and managed through a content management software, which allows for scheduling and distribution to the digital signage displays. The displays are connected to media players, which receive and display the content on the screens. The system can be controlled and monitored remotely, enabling updates and adjustments to the content in real-time.

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Partner with Windsor for seamless digital signage integration, for your business. Providing an all-in-one video wall and digital signage solution to meet your specific requirements.

Windsor specifies quality commercial grade screens, hardware and software solutions. Coupled with friendly helpful project managers and a promise of service which sits at the heart of each project.