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Optimise Your Corporate Space

Address the challenges within your corporate setting with our precisely crafted solution. Eliminate the inconvenience of employees searching for available meeting rooms, the frustration of unutilised reserved spaces, and the disruptions that hinder your meetings. Our solution enables you to effortlessly schedule meeting rooms remotely, enhancing the efficiency of your workflow. 

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Collaborate More Efficiently

Have you ever regretted not capturing your last brainstorm session on the meeting room whiteboard before it was erased? Imagine effortlessly sharing a well-crafted strategic plan with your team after creating it on a whiteboard with just one click. If you require a display that seamlessly integrates with Windows or need to collaborate with remote team members on a single document, we have tailored an optimal solution for you. Find your recommended solution below, customized to meet your specific needs.

Create Interactive Experiences

Create captivating interactive demos and experiences that drive engagement, sales & brand loyalty. With a wide range of elements you can tailor experiences to individual preferences and stimulate the senses with rich visual, audio and touch interaction. 

Through shareable experiences and educational content you are promoting awareness and fostering deep connections. Encouraging customer participation will help gather valuable insights into consumer behaviour. 

With a collection of sensors and controls offers the ability to create unique interactive journey's wherever Digital Signage is applied.


Why Partner with Windsor?

Partner with Windsor for seamless digital signage integration, for your business. Providing an all-in-one video wall and digital signage solution to meet your specific requirements.

Windsor specifies quality commercial grade screens, hardware and software solutions. Coupled with friendly helpful project managers and a promise of service which sits at the heart of each project.

Training course

We can assist you with personalised support sessions to ensure that you have all the knowledge and information necessary to manage your content. 

Sales Agent

Our tech support team is on hand to keep your systems running smoothly and offer unlimited assistance via email or phone call. Preventive maintenance packages can be tailored to your requirements ensuring your digital signage is kept in peak condition.

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Managing a project from initial design ideas through to installing and commissioning. The finished product offers you peace of mind that responsibility for delivering your goal is in one set of hands.


With a team of AV engineers and technicians, Windsor covers UK installations nationwide. Experts in specialist video wall and LED installations as well as window displays and digital signage. Our team is fully insured and accredited for all public area installations.

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We can offer you more than just product knowledge and expertise. We can also help you with credit and finance giving you more time to focus to grow your business.

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