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Window Display Screens

Window Display Screens

High bright is the way forward. To attract your street traffic day and night you need high brightness display screens to be seen.


With a great range of brightness levels and screen sizes, coupled with our expert mounting knowledge we can provide the ideal window display for your window space.

Retail store front window display
Freestanding double sided digital menu screen

Ideal for Window Spaces

With brightness levels ranging from 700 cd/m2 - 5000cd/m2 and sizes from 32"-75". Consider the effects of sunlight in your store window and choose high or ultra high bright screens. Quality manufacturers such as DynaScan , Samsung, Philips & LG. We will help find you the digital display solution to suit your specific location.

Digital display board

Window Mounting

When sourcing mounting solutions, you need to ensure your mounting brackets, poles and floor/ceiling plates are designed for the size, weight and vesa pattern of the screen/s you wish to mount. These systems often come in a black, chrome or white finish.

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Expect the highest quality service and products for trouble free operation.

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