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Digital Menu Displays

Digital Menu Board Application Image (4).jpg

Digital Menu Displays

Digital menu screens are becoming the norm, replacing static lightboxes, with digital menus you can create and update real time content to engage your customer.


Opt for cloud based content management for nationwide multi store and screen installations to give you flexibility or consistency of message (or both).

Digital Menu Boards

Slim, with small bezel. Choose USB or CMS for remote content management. Our menu boards are a geat information source/selling tool, ideal for Showrooms, In-Store, Waiting Areas and Receptions.

24/7 Commercial units with built in HD media player, requiring no additional hardware. Choose USB or CMS options.

Product Key Features:

  • Available in 32" 43" 50" 55" 65" 75" & 86"

  • Built-in HD media player, play Jpegs and Videos in a continuous loop.

  • Fitted with commercial grade panels, 24/7 usage.

  • 450cd brightness. 

  • Schedule content playlists, for different times of the day or week

  • As well as this you can add scrolling text to compliment your content and get your message across.​

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