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Video Walls

Video Wall Displays

Design a statement piece with a large impressive digital canvas to create a professional super-sized video display that exhibits confidence in your message.

You have two choices, LCD Video Walls or LED Displays which are explained in this blog 'What is a Video Wall?'


Each video wall project is a tailor-made solution to suit your property or event and is truly designed to be a digital display 'you can't miss!'.


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LCD Video Walls

LCD Video wall screens are different to regular screens, they have ultra fine bezels (frames). When mounted and connected together you create a large screen with minimal bezel interruption to your display.


With LCD you usually choose from 49” or 55” screens, mounting in either portrait or landscape. Create a modern stylish flush set back display - set the screens back into a false wall or have a purpose built frame/surround to finish off.

LED Display

LED is the future – Direct Lit LED Signage originates from the outdoor digital market, widely used in large sporting arenas and outdoor live music events.


Today Direct Lit LED is now the largest growing technology sector in digital signage. With vast improvement in fine pixel pitch technology and a steady reduction in price, LED is viewed in every shopping mall, found in many large corporate reception areas, TV studios, and features in theatres, university campuses as well as many other sectors.