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Etihad Football Stadium Digital Box for Asahi business and song


CSM – Asahi Beer

Product Interest:

Video Walls, audio and system karaoke

The setting of this project was within a small space designed to create big impact design.

The brief was to create an immersive digital space to engage in business as well as fun before and after each Manchester City home football match.

The requirement was for 2 video walls, each 2 x 2, 55” screens to be sited within a small room, which turned out to be a Corporate Box at the Etihad Football Stadium, with the end customer as Asahi beer. The two video walls needed to be connected to a remote management media player, so as to allow Asahi’s marketing media team to manage, upload, schedule and run new content for each fixture.

Wireless sharing solution: The system had to include the ability to allow box visitors to connect wirelessly to the video walls, via their laptops to allow guests to make the room their own during the game.

Karaoke system: A must was for visitors to enjoy the delights of in-Box Karaoke, this was all controlled via a wall mounted control system, so the end users could switch between sources. When in Karaoke mode, the video walls would display the lyrics and in picture video.

Speakers and microphone system: For the karaoke a set of 4 microphones, two subs and 6 mini speakers were installed and set to levels appropriate for the space and city football.

Control system to switch between 4 sources with ease: From the Live Football Play system to half time digital media, laptop connection and onto karaoke for evening fun.

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