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Going large with Samsung 146” LED Big Screen wins owner ‘Sports Bar of the Year’ award


McGoldricks Sport Bar

Product Interest:

Large LED Video Wall Solutions

“Amazing,” is how Paul Corrigan described the impact his Samsung 146” LED wall has had in his bar. “A big screen is what people are looking for from their sports bar, the better the quality, the further they will travel”.

McGoldricks had a 3x3 video wall, with wide bezels and although it offered a good size display, the screens created lots of reflection and the wide bezels interrupted the overall large screen viewing experience.

At McGoldricks they envisioned a big LED screen which would impress their audience and deliver great picture quality and the ultimate sports ‘big screen’ experience.

The new screen is truly a seamless video wall.

Here are 3 benefits of the large LED display to McGoldricks

The large LED display creates a more immersive viewing experience for their customers. It provides a captivating 'realism’, giving them the ability to see more of the action in greater detail making them feel like they are there, cheering on their favourite team.

Increased Clarity
It is true, the bigger your screen, the easier it is to appreciate its picture quality. This Full HD LED display allowed for a higher pixel density and richer blacks, resulting in greater detail and clarity. The image is sharper, and viewers see finer details and contrast in the content – it makes the experience more real!

Improved Visibility
When watching from further away in the bar, the large LED display still ensures excellent visibility for everyone. The fine pixel pitch and high definition of the display means everyone can still enjoy a clear view of the content. LED screens also have a wide viewing angle, which allows viewers to see the content clearly from different positions in the bar.

The large bar room required a screen with presence and superb picture quality to ensure the sports club delivered the best picture quality and screen size in the area.

The Award
“The Scotland Sports Bar of the Year award was no doubt partly because of the great impression the large LED display made on the judges,” Paul said. “And its value has been further proven since the award was published in the Daily Record, and that has got people talking and has really increased our footfall”.

The impressive size and stunning picture quality of 146” LED wall featuring 1.68 pixel pitch is wowing their customers and drawing in crowds to watch their favourite sports.

Delighted with their new LED screen quote

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