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Product Interest:

Freestanding Video Wall

The request was to mount a 3 x 3 LCD video wall directly onto a glass wall, but our tech site visit identified that this was not a viable option.

Investis is a global digital media company with offices in UK, USA, Europe and India. This project was for their office is in Fashion Street, London - a quirky location with a very large entrance and staff bicycle parking in the ground floor open plan office space.

In the centre of the floorspace was a glass lift and the company wanted to hide the large glass wall and at the same time create a video wall that would be visible from the front entrance.

The wall would connect to a media player to play looped content showcasing Investis Digital’s work and promotional videos.

Since then Investis moved offices and contacted Windsor to help with the removal of the wall and the installation in their new premises and the video walls were reformatted in 2 x 2 format on stands to ensure no hardware was redundant.

The project delivered Investis’ objective to tell “Brand stories through strategic and engaging content that meets your audiences at the right time, in the right place, with the right message”.

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