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4 Ways Digital Signage stands out from other signage

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

I recently visited the London West field shopping centre, where digital signage is everywhere, every angle you look you will see one, you might not always notice them as much as I do, but they are there!

Some are crazy bright, some are huge, some are high above your head, I thought, I wonder just how much these are drawing shoppers into these stores and influencing their buying decisions?

There’s no question they are making an impact.

What you see

Some are fun and cool, some are almost subtle, some just create movement, treated as a canvas for digital art to create atmosphere and relay a vibe or spirit of the brand.

Some show the latest deals and offers, some seek to draw attention with beautiful video content for lifestyle clothing brands, tech products or luxury cosmetics.

The clever brands entice a content hungry digital audience, with promises of engagement and fun, interact with us, watch our posts, enjoy our brand see our messages and then share our content.

This is where digital is powerful. It’s infinitely changeable. If a message is not working, you can change it, keep them engaged and coming back for more.

1. Drives footfall

If you watch for a short time, you’ll see people are turning and noticing video content because we’re drawn to screen movement – it catches our interest. Here’s a couple of examples:

  • 8/10 customers have entered a store because video content caught their interest

  • More than 40% of shoppers say digital messages influence their buying decisions

2. Unleashes Creativity

Digital signage gives you a blank canvas for your most powerful engaging messaging – video, photography, audio and the capability.

Brand awareness increases by over 20% when you place your messages on digital screens so now is the time to jump into this trend and place your brand where it will be noticed and acted on.

3. Pairs with social media

Linking social media content to your window digital signage is gaining traction, and 44% of shoppers say social media is influencing their buying habits.

Content you create for social media can also become content to draw customers in off the street. Connect and link the two marketing platforms with ease using Digital Window Signage or in-store signage.

4. Change your content up at any moment

Nothing is static and nor does it need to be – content management systems give you the opportunity to deploy your video messages across all your sites and change all or any of them in a moment of time.

If your campaign isn’t bringing the results, swap it out or adjust it. You can even change during a day to suit the weather and ensure your message is 100% relevant!

The way forward

If you are interested in capturing more attention, driving footfall, and using your signage flexibly and creatively, you have a huge opportunity with digital signage.

Browse a few of our projects to see how amazing these Digital displays look, or contact one of our expert team today to discuss your needs.


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