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5 Benefits to including Digital Signage Displays in your retail store window

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Your store window is one of the most valuable assets of your real estate. It is where you display your very best merchandise and convey messaging, including sales and offers, designed to draw in foot traffic.

Your window display is the ‘homepage’ of your store, it’s the first thing your customers see. Creative, exciting, inviting window displays can pull in a passers-by, even when they had no intention of visiting your store.

We have all done it, seen something we liked or caught our eye, and in we step...

To walk past or to stop,

Our brains prefer video to text and other communication mediums – in fact according to studies, we remember 95% of what we watch compared with just 10% of what we read!

So, making sure its visual, moving, engaging video is 9.5 times more powerful than static text every time.

Digital signage now plays a big role on the high street, here we look at the five true benefits of installing digital display screen in your Retail window Displays.

1. Increase your brand awareness,

Video makes your display command attention so this is where you will display your best images and video footage on your digital screen and link window content to other channels like social media, use QR codes to create customer interaction.

And, adopting video signage shows your commitment to modern communication which profiles your image ahead of many of your competitors.

2. Change /Update Content as often as you like,

With remote content update, you don’t have to be on location, and you can update multiple store screens at one time, start and stop campaigns at precise times and change according to weather patterns, news and other events.

With content management systems you can control your entire video content from a single online portal wherever you are, any time.

3. Create and display fun engaging content

Within your brand parameters you can use your video footage to turn heads and capture attention using action-packed videos and digital movement.

Use digital screens to complement your merchandising displays. Children and young people are particularly likely to respond to big LED displays – particularly important if your products are relevant to that demographic.

4. It’s ‘Real time’ posters

If you are still preparing artwork, enduring printing lead times then delivering to store and relying on staff members to swap out posters, there is a much, much better way.

Digital signage brings new age real time display possibilities that adapt dynamically to suit your retail environment and can be changed in a heartbeat for any reason from a proofing error to a strategy change or an update to a successful campaign.

5. The traffic audience

With digital signage, you not only capture foot traffic attention; with movement and bold messages, you can also capture stationary road traffic audience, especially at night.


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