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CMS – Remote content update - why? how? which?

CMS – Content Management System or Cloud-based Management Solution 

In the Digital Displays world we talk about CMS (Content Management Systems ) - the modern way to manage your content, usually via an online browser.  

The alternative, plug and play way to manage content is via USB/SD card upload and physically plugging USB/SD directly into each media player/screen. 

CMS is the way by which you upload and manage your digital signage content, create playlists and schedule media across all your company's digital signage screens and displays. 

CMS is a software application which allows the user to connect to a media player, external or internally, then upload and manage the digital content on and across Digital Signage screens. From the small single screen user to the multi-national store with multiple screens per store across the UK or the world. All at the click of a remote button. 

Can I use any CMS Software with my screen’s media player? No, most CMS software providers have a preferred range of hardware screens/media players of which they approve as partnered to create a reliable integrated solution. This is because screens/media players have different operating systems, some are android, V8 – V10, some are Linox, some Tizen, so the CMS software developers will often have preferred systems to run their software on. 


Ensuring compatibility is always assured when you use the software’s recommended media player. 

CMS requires internet connection.  The screens or media players, when connected to an internet connection connect to its allocated CMS hosting server, which reply back to each screen when the CMS system has new information/content or schedule to display. 

For a stable internet connection, a hardwire network connection is recommended but wifi also works well if the signal is good and strong. 


Why do I need to pay for Subscription fees for digital signage CMS?  

Software and operating systems across all technologies are always being updated, so all software equally has to keep updated. CMS licences are sold on an annual subscription basis, or some solutions will offer 3 year deals or lifetime licences.

Basic range of features CMS systems offer: 

  • Image & Video playback, 

  • Create playlists 

  • Schedule playlists & content 

  • Add RSS feeds 

  • YouTube app  

  • URL playback (URL build settings will be required) 

  • Have total control over your system 

  • Create Dynamic Multi Zone Layouts 

  • Global Remote Commands 


Advanced Range of features some CMS systems offer: 

  • Multi-Screen Synchronisation 

  • Social media links 

  • URL playback (URL build settings will be required) 

  • IPTV 

  • Touch screen capable 

  • Proof of play 

  • User management Roles and permissions with-in organisations 

  • Schedule interruptions 

  • Meeting room management option 

  • Office entrance visitor's login management 

Many screen brands will have their own built in signage media player, but when remote content management is required, this will often be provided by a partnered CMS systems provider. 

As with all systems none are the same each have their own offerings which is why most digital signage companies offer a choice of CMS solutions, dependant on your screen choice, management requirements and usage.


How do I Manage and Control CMS?

Benefits of CMS in the Retail industry or any organisation that manages multiple screens across multiple sites and locations 

A CMS solution is a must for all large retail stores and big brands, or for a company or organisation looking to manage multiple screens across multiple sites and locations. 

CMS provides the ability to manage and update all digital screens, within a single CMS account, across the UK and the world. One person can update 100+ screens across the world at the click of a mouse! 

This allows companies to take the responsibility away from local level store staff and managers if they wish. The same can be said for small businesses looking for complete control, off site, of their digital signage displays. 

The more comprehensive CMS providers offer the ability to create, Dynamic corporate level playlists mixed with local level playlists editable by store managers as they need to, without interfering with corporate level schedules and content. 

Create control of user access and user Management 

Create and manage your user accounts and set privileges for each user or user group. You can also specify how much access your users have to each function of the CMS, but you can also limit the access to certain screens, giving you complete control of what different users can do. 


Which CMS solution is right for me?

The answer depends on what your requirements are. How many licences you need, how often you wish to update content, etc etc. Large corporations who have specific content management needs and wishes, should always discuss in detail the capability of the CMS software to ensure it’s the right solution to meet their needs, and can deliver the flexibility and high-level delivery of content to their digital signage platforms.  Speak to us today, about your requirements and we can assist you to make the right content management software choice for your business.


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