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Have LED video walls finally come of age?

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Read these 8 points before you choose between LCD or LED video walls

As professionals in the AV industry we just love it when we are able to offer our customers solutions previously considered to be beyond their budgets.

But the reality is that the price gap between LED screens and LCD screens has gradually narrowed to the point that it can no longer be ignored as an option for a video wall.

So, why consider an LED video wall? It may not suit everyone and yet for some it may well be the perfect answer to their requirements. We go some way to explain here some of the non–technical differences, which we hope will help you when discussing this with your AV supplier.

1. The most immediate and visual difference is that an LED video wall is totally frameless. There are no visible joins and it’s completely seamless

2. LED video walls are brighter and high contrast which gives you more vivid imagery/video, more intensive blacks and greater range of colours.

3. LED video walls are infinitely more expandable

4. Because large LED video walls are built up using small modules/tiles, if a tile develops a fault, you are only replacing small easy to remove tiles rather than a large 49 or 55” LCD screen

5. LED walls tend to be lighter and slimmer

6. An LED video wall has lower energy consumption when compared to an equivalent size LCD video wall

7. You can generally choose from a range of fine or coarse pixel resolutions and you can find a solution suited to the viewing distance you are looking to achieve

8. LED has flexible technology, you can choose from outdoor to indoor quality without dropping the seamless look or picture quality.

Many companies considering video wall solutions will be looking for the WOW factor, something that impresses stakeholders and makes you stand out from your competitors. LED video walls do that and much more.

Pricing has been gradually come down and whilst not reached parity with LCD just yet, the differences we are seeing today, versus the many benefits combined with the WOW factor, does mean that LED is rapidly gaining traction.

Where do LCD video walls fit in?

Whilst this piece focuses on LED video walls we should not forget the important place an LCD video wall has in the digital signage market. An LCD video wall is still the most cost effective solution for smaller areas, meeting rooms and receptions where viewing distances are relatively close to the screens and it is here where getting the right advice is absolutely critical.

Talk to a professional

We would urge you to seek advice from a professional digital signage company that has experience of both LCD and LED. That way you can be sure that you’ll receive a fair and balanced view and don’t hold back from asking those important questions, after all most established AV suppliers with the right level of experience will want to ensure you are fully informed so that you can make the right decision for you.

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