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Attracting Attention at a Busy Junction

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Client: Ringley Homes

Ringley Home's workspace initiatives have cultivated a tight-knit and vibrant community of ambitious scale-ups and entrepreneurs. This dynamic environment offers them the flexibility to thrive within collaborative and creatively charged office spaces.

The acquisition of a prominent corner property on Kentish Town Road presented an exciting opportunity to transform it into an attention-grabbing digital canvas for pedestrians and passing vehicles. The solution? A striking 1.5M x 2M LED Video wall with a 3.9 pixel pitch, strategically positioned to captivate the attention of anyone passing by. To maintain a clutter-free window area, the media player and controls have been discreetly placed in a separate communications room.

LED video walls prove exceptionally effective in windows or outdoor settings, ensuring optimal visibility even when the sun is at its brightest. A recent anecdote involving schoolchildren on their daily commute highlights the strong public engagement the installation has fostered: they inquired about the disappearance of their beloved animated furry toy image when the company updated its video content.


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