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Outstanding - Freestanding

Client: Wex Photo Video

Product Interest: Freestanding Digital Poster Displays

With 12 UK stores and 27,000+ products Wex Photo Video have lots of reasons to be communicating with their shoppers with video content.

Delighted with their first test screen, Wex are preparing for a further 12 for each of their UK Stores to provide a neat digital poster that engaged their retail shoppers.

The Product

50” Freestanding Digital Advertising Poster, Modern, clean all-round finish featuring a 450cd brightness full HD Portrait screen.

The NEW updated unit offers a more modern look with sleek aesthetics, and a high-quality finish both front and back, this unit can stand anywhere. Available in 50, 55 or 65” in either white or black they offer an eye-catching quality digital display.

With on-board media player and built-in CMS system, all that was required was Wi-Fi connection and a single power socket. Quick and simple to set up, this customer had content running within hours of receiving delivery.

Super-easy CMS system

The CMS (content management) system allows for remote content management and updating. Which for the inhouse marketing team, to be able to update all screens across all 12 UK wide stores was invaluable.

No more:

  • Printing posters cost

  • Postal/shipping costs of posters

  • Needing to rely on store manager or staff to swap out posters when required.

With a Digital Poster Now they can move this unit around the store to promote a range of products - because it is self-contained, freestanding and not fixed. It allows the retail team to play multiple jpegs at once creating a multi message platform. Of course, being digital, the screen can play moving video content as well as static jpegs. The enormous benefits of video Video content gains almost 400% more attention than static jpegs. It does not matter what kind of video you have on display; constant motion is essential to driving greater foot traffic A few other benefits of CMS on their unit:

  • Update content as often as they wish

  • Swap out content instantly across all screens and all store locations

  • Schedule playlists

  • Synchronise screens – ideal when multiple screens can be seen at once and you want content to change in sync

  • Create interrupt playlists – Ideal for exclusive offers or promotions, or lunch time playlists or evening only playlists

Freestanding digital screens are the ultimate in flexibility; with a power socket and a wi-fi connection you have a sleek digital canvas that gives you endless marketing possibilities.

Because it is a self-contained, freestanding display the unit can be relocated around the store from month to month and allows Wex to choose which products to promote and which content to share at any time.

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