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Stand Out in the Crowd...

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Client: BrandMachine

In the dynamic landscape of retail, capturing and maintaining customer attention is paramount. The US Polo Assn Store recognised this challenge and partnered with us to install Philips Ultra High Bright Screens at their entrance, creating a remarkable visual impact that attracted both pavement traffic and in-store shoppers.

US Polo Assn, known for its timeless fashion, sought a powerful medium to showcase their latest marketing campaigns and draw in foot traffic, converting potential customers into loyal shoppers.

Our solution was the Philips Ultra High Bright Screens, celebrated for their quality and unmatched brightness. These screens ensured the brand remained visible and striking even under the brightest sunlight.

With 4K content delivery and cloud software for easy synchronisation and real-time updates, we brought US Polo Assn's marketing vision to life, captivating passersby with dynamic displays that instilled excitement and curiosity.

The impact was immediate: increased foot traffic and heightened engagement among both pavement traffic and in-store shoppers.

By utilising Ultra High Bright Screens, US Polo Assn not only elevated their brand but also redefined the future of retail marketing. As the retail world seeks innovative ways to engage with audiences, these screens have proven to be a game-changer, setting a new standard for visibility, impact, and customer engagement.

Ready to transform your retail space and make a lasting impression? Contact us today to explore how Ultra High Bright Screens can elevate your brand, just as they did for the US Polo Assn Store.


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