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Creating Hype Around Street Style

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Client: Hype

When high-street sensation Hype set up shop in the iconic Carnaby Street of London, they had one goal in mind – to ensure their window displays were as bold and brilliant as the products they proudly offered. They wanted their presence on the bustling street to shout loud and shine bright.

Founded by two individuals with nothing but a meagre £600 in savings and a shared dream, Hype has evolved into a global phenomenon. From their humble beginnings in a T-shirt printing company, they now boast a workforce of over 200 talented individuals spread across four locations and a staggering 2000 points of sale worldwide.

In their flagship Carnaby Street store, a magnificent 3-meter-wide LED screen and two internal video walls stand as the centrepiece, instantly grabbing the attention of passersby. These LED screens are designed to be front-lit, crafted with low-energy, high-brightness diodes that provide a crystal-clear display, free from any interference or reflections commonly associated with LCD screens. This makes them the ideal choice for sun-facing store windows, like the one at Hype's prime location.

Hype caters to a diverse demographic, with equal appeal to kids and adults alike. We couldn't help but smile when we witnessed a heartwarming moment: a mother, drawn into the Carnaby Street store by her two young girls who were mesmerised by the captivating video in the window.

Thanks to a cutting-edge Content Management System (CMS), all video content is masterfully controlled from Hype's headquarters in Leicester. This system allows for real-time updates and changes, ensuring that every store, whether it's to maintain uniformity or convey specific messages tailored to individual locations, stays fresh and engaging.


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