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This Digital Screen installation is proof that simple Digital Signage screens can lead to a truly special experience.

Updated: Jan 25

Our client had a vision that required direction and support on the implementation of digital screens, to design and create this solution.  

Working with the client, we established their project needs and proposed the 55” tempered glass slimline displays, offering the effect of a ship's porthole. Ventilation and access for the screen had to be a consideration along with supply of detailed drawings. 

Client: Trotters Childrens Store 

Location: Harrods - London 

The client was creative with design and commissioned a high standard of joinery. The installation required 2 screens, recessed into a false wall with recommended ventilation, power and access points. 

A truly captivating experience was created, the digital screens playing a video on loop using USB content management and the onboard media player, transformed a children's hairdressers' space into a porthole displaying a bright colourful aquarium.

The tropical fish swimming on the screen creates a stunning impression, immersing children in a delightful distraction and experience while they have their hair cut.  

This eye-catching installation demonstrates how digital signage can be used not just for promotional or informational purposes, but also to create an atmosphere that is both engaging and entertaining, enhancing the customer experience. watch video here 

As we continue to explore the possibilities of digital signage with our clients, we look forward to sharing more exciting and inspiring projects with you.  

Talk to us about an idea you have a to see how you can implement digital Signage into your project. 


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